Make Friends is a meetup and workshop series for curious people interested in technology, art, and education. Currently we are looking for community partners to help us provide programming and events on a variety of topics in 2018.

Make Friends is a monthly meet up of creative people in Toronto who are curious about technology, art, education, and making things. Each month Make Friends brings together experts and self directed researchers to share knowledge with the community on a variety of subjects from issues of Internet security and crypto currency, to exploring green technologies to bio hacking and programming. Our approach to learning values inviting people with different lived experiences who come from many industries and backgrounds to participate. Meetups usually consist of lectures, hands on exercises or collaborative activities.

Anyone is welcome to join us for free for discussion, snacks and collaboration at TinEye (223 Queen St East) the last Thursday of every month.

Make Friends Meetup strives to create an open environment to share information, learn new skills and collaborate with the creative community in Toronto. It is important to us to engage a diverse community, and engage with a wide pool of knowledge and expertise. We are interested in hearing from anyone interested in sharing expertise on something they’re passionate about. You can contact us at