Demystifying Machine Learning: A Make Friends Monthly Workshop



223 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1S2

Toronto, ON, CA, M5A 1S2

Hosted by Nabila Abraham, this workshop will be part of a series of workshops organized by Make Friends.

This workshop will cover a brief intro into machine learning and demystify it a bit.  Nabila will focus on neural networks and their application in deep learning. At the end of the talk, we’ll work on building a dog/cat classifier using deep learning, specifically, convolutional neural networks (CNNs). This is meant to be a brief introduction into image classification using deep networks.  This is also a good link for people to get reading if they’re interested. 

You’re welcome to bring your computer and follow along, or just come to listen! No previous experience or knoweldge required, this is meant to help you learn and explore!

Tech Details (for those interested)

This workshop will use Keras with the Tensorflow backend. There are a couple of links below that I referenced install the environment on my Windows machine. 

Windows Install 

Another Windows Install

Windows GPU Install

About The Instructor 

Nabila Abraham is a Biomedical engineering graduate currently pursuing a Masters of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Her research focus is targeted at medical image segmentation using Deep Neural Networks. She likes to tinker in various fields and have worked in the utility industry at Toronto Hydro Electric Systems, on robotics projects at Ryerson University and on cartilage cell regeneration projects at St. Michael’s Hospital. She is currently tinkering with neural networks and how to train them to do cool stuff!

About Make Friends

Make Friends is a monthly free workshop series connecting creative people in Toronto who are curious about technology, art, education, and making things. Each month, we bring together experts and self directed researchers to share knowledge with the community on a variety of subjects, from issues of Internet security and crypto currency, to bio hacking and programming. Join us for discussion, snacks and collaboration on the last Thursday of every month at TinEye (223 Queen Street East).

If you’re interested in sharing your expertise with the community on something you’re passionate about, reach out to us at to pitch a workshop idea!

Thanks to our Sponsors

Make Friends is hosted at the offices of TinEye, with financial support from MAKELAB. Thanks for supporting free programming for exploring topics in technology.

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